A lonley SB600 and his wall


So first off the above photo is of my Girlfriend. I wanted to practice shooting with one strobe and was in need of a model. So she volunteered herself to science, being the great girlfriend she is.

All I had to do was stand her in the corner and place my SB600 to her 10 O’clock with one wall on the other side and the other behind her. The two walls provided a nice place to bounce the flash which gave me a bit of filler light coming from her 3 O’clock. Not to mention a nice light on the back wall. And yes, I know, I put Baby in the corner. But hey.. it provided a great photo for my Droid’s background.

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Breaking out of my shell

So the first post… One that every blogger has to put up. The one that finally makes it after all the thought and work of deciding what to talk about. And what have I decided to talk about you may ask? What most everyone does, of course… The reason I have made this blog.

I decided that I was in need of a greater web presence to promote my photography as well as challenge me to become more creative. My goal is to try and push myself as a photographer and blog about the out come. Not to mention bringing more attention to my photography.. speaking of which you should check out my photo site brazphotography.com. Oh yeah, working already.

Now all I have to do is make that second post.. any ideas?

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